Bitcoin whale wakes up from six-year hibernation


Bitcoin whale addresses emerged from six-year hibernation and moved $230 million. While it was determined that the amount of Bitcoin in these addresses dates back to 2011, it also revealed a potential connection with the first miners associated with F2Pool.

Three Bitcoin whale addresses, which have been dormant since November 2017, transferred a total of 6,500 BTC ($230 million).

Thus, all three carried out their first significant activities since a common date, making it clear that they may be connected to each other or under the control of a single entity.

The first address moved approximately 2,550 BTC ($90 million) for the first time since November 5, 2017, increasing the value by $68 million during this period. According to BitInfoCharts, a second address moved nearly 2,000 BTC ($71 million) for the first time since the same date, increasing its value by $52 million.

According to BitInfoCharts data, a third address transferred approximately 1,950 BTC ($69 million) for the first time since November 5, 2017, increasing the value by approximately $53 million.

According to BitInfoCharts’ wallet tagging, funds from each address appeared to originate from July 2011 and may be linked to early miners connected to the F2Pool bitcoin mining pool. The total combined value increase for Bitcoin held at three addresses since 2011 is approximately $225 million.

Although it has not been confirmed whether the addresses belong to the same organization, the consistent pattern of behavior and transfer dates from the wallets suggested that this may be the case.


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