BitDAO Plans $100M Buyback


BitDAO ( BIT) community, next year 100 milliondollar BITplans to do a rollback.

Strong projects of the crypto industry are conducting various studies towards their circulating supply. These studies are particularly buybackand nosestands out as. buybackIn the so-called case, projects are self-sufficient with cash inflows. token buys their. This leads to price rise and volatility. On the other hand noseThe transaction represents projects trying to reduce their current supply by incineration. Bybitsupported by the exchange BitDAO, next year 100 milliondollar buybackplanning to accomplish.

BitDAO Plans Daily Buyback for 50 Days

DecentralizedBitDAO (run with community management) BIT ), gained momentum with its community’s buyback plans. In the project plan, 1 Januarysince 50 daysthroughout the day 2 milliondollar BITbuyback process.

This will be done buybackprocess, BitDAOof 1.7 billion will be made from the dollar treasury. If the community accepts this plan, DAOin the treasury BIT The percentage of its presence will increase considerably. In this case strong DAOproject will have purchased the assets in circulation and transferred them to the treasury.

Moreover BitDAO, Uniswapsecond largest after DAOIt was a project with a treasury.


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