Bitfarms COO Geoffrey Morphy Promoted to CEO


Bitfarms COO Geoffrey Morphy will serve as the company’s new CEO.

After Emiliano Grodzki stepped down, Morphy became the new CEO of the Bitcoin mining company.

Bitfarms Named Its New CEO

According to the company’s statement, Morphy, who previously served as the COO, will continue to serve as the CEO of the company. Grodzki will remain on the board of directors.

Grodzki is among the founding partners of the company, which was founded in 2017.

Morphy used the following statements in his statement on the subject:

“Operating efficiency, cost controls, corporate governance and the importance we place on a diversified energy resources portfolio are the reasons that have made us successful”

Stating that it increased its mining activities at the beginning of the year, the company announced that it sold its location in Canada in December with a profit of $ 3.6 million.


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