BitKeep Hackers Dump These Altcoins On Exchanges!


BitKeep, a cryptocurrency wallet, was hacked recently. Hackers involved in this attack activated some altcoins. Here are the details…

1.18 million DAI in action in BitKeep exploit

Hackers involved in the latest BitKeep exploit sent some funds to a wallet on the Seychelles-based OKX exchange. Transferred $1 million worth of DAI and $180,000 worth of DAI to another wallet on KuCoin. PeckShield, a platform focused on blockchain security, announced this development the other day. The platform shared a chart of the flow of funds. He then used the following phrases:

PeckShield found that BitKeep Exploiter transferred 1 million DAI to OKX and 180 thousand DAI to Kucoin. As we have reported, hackers have recently exploited BitKeep. According to an official announcement from BitKeep, this resulted in the theft of over $8 million in client funds. Thus, thousands of users were affected. BitKeep claims that the exploit started when hackers got hold of APK packages. Along with the APK packages, the hackers uploaded malicious codes that were installed on the latest Android version. Thus the attack occurred. Wallet reportedly affected five packs from the latest 7.2.9 Android version.

Hackers send coins to multiple networks

It is not yet clear how the attacker persuaded users to visit fake websites. BitKeep’s official website provides a link that sends users to the official Google Play Store page for the app. But it doesn’t move an APK file of the app at all.

After the attack, hackers repeatedly swapped the stolen assets between several chains to hide the funds. Still, BitKeep stated that they are currently monitoring the flow of funds. He also stated that they have frozen some of the stolen funds with the help of third-party organizations. According to BitKeep, the hackers used more than 200 addresses in 3 chains in the attack. He then sent all the stolen funds to two primary addresses.

The platform was also hacked in October

Additionally, on-chain explorer and data analytics platform OKLink has revealed that the exploit includes 4 chains, including BSC, TRX, ETH, and Polygon. OKLink detected 50 addresses involved in the attack. As a result of multiple transactions, the trading volume reached $31 million. The BitKeep attack was first reported by Peck Shield. At the time, it was pointing to an “APK version hacking”.

This new report from OKLink suggests that the hacked APK comes from malicious sites. Thus suggesting that the official website of the developer has not been breached. Meanwhile, BitKeep suffered a $1 million hack in October. The wallet firm said that it will fully refund all its users after this attack.


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