Blockchain Revolution in E-Government: Digital Identity is on the Way


Vice President Fuat Oktay announced that a blockchain-based digital identity has been developed to be used in e-Government logins.

Fuat Oktay, Digital Turkey 2023 Meeting He made important statements in The statements included innovations made to facilitate digital public services.

Developing Blockchain-Based Digital Identity for E-Government Services

Vice President Fuat OktayIn a statement at the Digital Turkey 2023 Meeting, he said that a blockchain-based digital identity was prepared.

Stating that works are continuing to facilitate public services digitally and that there will be a new revolution in e-Government, Oktay commented on the subject:

“We are introducing ‘Digital identity’, a blockchain-based login system that will be a new revolution in e-Government. With the login system that will work within the scope of the e-wallet application, our citizens will be able to enter the e-Government with a digital identity created in the blockchain network.”

Works and transactions covering the entire military service period, including pre-military age, roll call, summons and dispatch period, will be able to be completed in e-Government. In addition, as a result of the work carried out with the Notaries Union of Turkey, succession announcement, e-appointment, e-detection and registered vehicle inquiry services were put into practice.


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