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Bloomberg Strategist: Bitcoin May Visit $10K!


Bloomberg Intelligencechief commodity strategist Mike McGlone, Bitcoin ( BTC) of the price 10 thousandto 12 thousandHe said he could visit the dollar levels.

Scaring crypto investors FUD The wave continues this year as well. Successive bad scenarios and negative factors create an obstacle to the cryptocurrency market. This situation, which is called the crypto bear market, is moving downward at the slightest bad news. Bloomberg Intelligencechief commodity strategist Mike McGlone gave a bearish price, referring to current market conditions. McGlone for Bitcoin 10 thousandto 12 thousandwaiting for the dollar

Bloomberg Strategist Makes a Bearish Forecast

Bloombergstrategist Mike McGlone, Bitcoin ( BTC) shared his thoughts on McGlone, bitcoinHe thinks that in general will show growth this year.

However McGlone , gave the message that there may be a price decrease before growth. The strategist stated that with this drop, previous support points will be tested. McGlone‘according to, BTCfor 10 thousand to 12 thousanddollar levels are on the table.

Especially bitcoinspeaking from McGlonesituation in global markets BTC indicated that it would be positive. Publisher of the report McGloneHe thinks that Bitcoin will hit previous support points before it starts to rise.

Also, based on the famous strategist, the Fed and the global economy. bitcoinHe stated that will turn into digital gold.


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