BMW Award to Customers: BNB and Coinweb Starring


Famous German car manufacturer BMWwill leverage Coinweb and the BNB chain for its blockchain loyalty program.

BMW has previously used blockchain technology to track cobalt sourcing and ensure its products are sourced using ethical practices. The automaker, which met the industry in 2018, later stepped into the fields of NFT and metaverse. Now with their cars Renaultand MercedesIt is facing its competitors such as blockchain technology.

BMW to Reward Customers with Loyalty Program

BMW plans to integrate blockchain technology into its daily operations and create a blockchain loyalty program for its customers in Thailand.

The German automaker chose blockchain infrastructure firm Coinweb as its decentralized architecture provider and BNB Chain for processing transactions. The integration of blockchain technology into BMW’s workflow will take place in two phases.

First, it will be integrated into BMW’s day-to-day operations to automate time-consuming manual processes and streamline the company’s auto finance services.

In the second phase, Coinweb will develop a customized Web3 application for BMW’s customer loyalty program. The program will use a blockchain-based reward scheme to incentivize BMW Group customers. A customer’s rank and status in the ecosystem will be determined by the loyalty rewards they receive through various actions.

Owners will be able to use their rewards to purchase goods and services from BMW and, in the future, a connected ecosystem. Binance’s native BNB chain will be used to process transactions.


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