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British Minister’s Twitter Account Attacked by Crypto Scams


The Twitter account of Gillian Keegan, the UK’s secretary of state for education, has been hacked by crypto scammers.

The account tweeted various messages about cryptocurrencies and then changed their profile photo to Elon Musk.

British Minister Targeted by Crypto Scams

The tweets included a fake event hosted by Elon Musk’s companies (Tesla and Twitter). In the tweets, it was claimed that DOGE, BTC and ETH would be distributed free of charge for the entire community.

The attack took place around 7:30 pm on Christmas day and ran for 12 hours before being deleted.

Crypto scammers often repeat this type of attack. The social media accounts of many well-known people are hacked and used to mislead investors.

Although Elon Musk has promised to prevent spam and malicious content since taking over the company in October, it cannot be said that he has achieved any success so far.


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