Cardano Founder Criticizes Popular Author Strongly!


Cardano ( ISLAND) founder Charles Hoskinsonpopular investor and author Nassim demandharsh criticism of him.

New Year, cardanofounder Charles Hoskinsonstarted for the same. Hoskinson continues its regular publications and communication, especially on social media. After the turbulent times in the crypto industry, a new year with high expectations has begun. Many crypto commentators think that this year will also be under the influence of the bear market. In the midst of the process, the Cardano founder hooked up with the famous writer Nassim Taleb.

Cardano Founder Criticizes Famous Writer Nassim Taleb

Cardano ( ISLAND) founder Charles Hoskinson, famous writer Nassim demandHe criticizes .

Nassim demand, with a few explanations Lex to Fridmanshared about. demand, Fridman‘ is not from MIT, and in podcasts MYTHHe stated that he claimed to be from.

Moreover demand, Fridman He claimed that he went on the air by reading a book on subjects that he did not specialize in. This situation, demandIt made him quite angry. twitterin his post on demand, FridmanHe stated that it was of poor quality.

Hoskinson, demandIt didn’t take long to respond to ‘s harsh temperament. cardanofounder, FridmanHe stated that he was the most intelligent and intellectual person he knew. Hoskinsonalso, demandHe stated that the books written by .

Founder of the popular cryptocurrency project, demand‘to “an arrogant human scum”said.


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