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Celsius Finds 30 Potential Customers for Its Assets


Bankrupt crypto company Celsius, found for sale of assets 30 potentialplans to hold an auction for the client.

Bankrupt and in the process of restructuring Celsius made a new move. The crypto company for its various assets, including its mining pillar 30 potentialsucceeded in attracting the interest of the bidder. CelsiusWith this step, it plans to pay off debts and return customer funds.

Celsius Will Sell Its Assets To Potential Customers Through Auction

Crypto lending platform Celsius, Septemberfrom the month from 125 communicated with many parties. As a result of this communication, he managed to reach 30 potential customers. Potential customers signed a confidentiality agreement to protect sensitive information about the company and the terms of the tender.

Moreover Celsius announced that it has received various transaction offers for the sale of its assets. One of these business structures is Celsiusthe transfer of its customers to the platform of the acquiring organization. DebtThe issuing firm also said it has received a number of single-asset offers.

CelsiusAuction to be held for various assets of December 15from January 10 drawn into history. This is seen as an important step for the company to pay its debts.


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