Central Bank of Turkey Successfully Performs First Digital TL Payment Transaction


The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) successfully executed the first payment transactions on the Digital Turkish Lira Network.

The development and adoption of the cryptocurrency industry has also mobilized countries. Many countries have tightened their efforts for a central bank digital currency (CBDC). In the coming years, the use of digital currencies is aimed to be more prominent. In this context, Turkey also spends a lot of time.

Central Bank of Turkey Tightens Its Work for Digital TL

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) has achieved a new success in the Digital TL issue, which it has been working on intensively. According to the statement made by the Central Bank, within the scope of the first phase of the Digital Turkish Lira Project, the first payment transaction with Digital TL was successfully carried out.

The CBRT announced that it will continue its Digital TL activities, which it carries out with its technology stakeholders, in the new year as well. In the first quarter of 2023, it is planned to carry out test studies and pilot applications related to Digital TL.

The Digital Turkish Lira Cooperation Platform will be expanded in 2023 with the participation of selected banks and financial technology companies.


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