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Charles Hoskinson makes fun of Gemini


Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson mocked the Gemini exchange for its data breach distress.

The data breach incident that Gemini experienced caused the user information to be sold on the dark web.

Charles Hoskinson Targets Gemini

The Cardano founder shared a meme featuring famous actor Zach Galifianakis in response to a comment about Gemini’s failure to list ADA.

The comment was based on a statement Hoskinson made about Gemini. A few days before he mocked Gemini, Hoskinson said on Twitter Space that it would be better if ADA wasn’t listed on Gemini.

Hoskinson jokingly stated that companies that do not list ADA go bankrupt, citing FTX, which does not list assets. FTX’s spot trading pairs did not include ADA.

Hoskinson’s last tweet caught the attention of many investors who were annoyed by Gemini’s failure to list ADA.

It was stated that 5.7 million people were affected due to the data breach in Gemini. The company stated earlier this month that it faced a security issue.

A hacker group has sold a lot of personal information on the dark web, including users’ phone numbers and email addresses.

Gemini announced that despite all these data breaches, the funds are safe.


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