China Wants to Boost Digital Yuan Adoption


Blockchainone of the countries that keep up with the technology Chinesedigital yuan ( CBDC) integrated into your wallet will.

Regardless of cryptocurrencies, blockchainand Web3 began to spread globally. Many countries are working hard to take part in the developing new technology. South Korea became one of the countries that attracted attention with its work in the blockchain city. On the other hand Chinesereaching billions of dollars digital yuanIt will provide a new feature integration for

China To Bring Money Gifting Feature To Its Digital Yuan Wallet

Chinese, digital central bank currency ( CBDC) digital yuan (e- CNY) spends a lot of work for.

in the country digital yuantransactions, October 10on 14 billionmanaged to reach a volume of $. 2021at the end of the year 12 billionThis volume level, announced in dollars, has increased by 14 percent this year.

e-CNYwallet application, attracting new users and CBDC introduced a new feature to increase adoption. This feature red packetsrevealed a digital version of gifts created under his name. chinese new year On the approaching days, people give each other red packets as gifts. With this package, money can be given as a gift.

Chinese brought this traditional gift giving system to the e-CNY wallet. Country management, more in the new year CBDCintended use.


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