Coinbase Has To Pay A $100 Million Bill!


Cryptocurrency exchange coinbasedue to financial regulators violating money laundering laws 50 millionwill pay a dollar fine.

Strict inspections have begun on the cryptocurrency market and cryptocurrency exchanges. Major crypto exchanges are under constant scrutiny by countries’ regulators. Last year FTXThe troubled processes experienced by ‘s accelerated the legal processes and regulators. New York TimesCryptocurrency exchange, according to the news coinbase turned from the pole. The public exchange has been suspended for violating money laundering laws by regulators. 50 millionagreed to pay a $ fine.

Coinbase Compressed By New York Regulators!

The only public crypto exchange coinbasewent under the radar for allowing customers to open accounts without adequate background checks. New York Editor determined that it violated money laundering laws. After this determination, the publicly traded stock market 50 millionHe agreed to pay the dollar fine.

coinbase, New York State Department of Financial Services made a deal with According to this agreement, 50 milliondollar penalty and 50 million dollarswill also need to invest in improving the compliance process.

According to the agreement, coinbaseof drug traffickers, child abusers and other potential outlaws. new YorkTo support the compliance program that is expected to prevent opening an account in 50 millionwill require a dollar investment.


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