‘Collapse Is Coming’ 2 Investment Experts: Gold and Rush To These!


Two leading market experts, Robert Kiyosaki and Peter Schiff, recently pointed to gold and these assets to avoid the impending collapse! Here are the details…

Finance expert Robert Kiyosaki: “The end of the US dollar is coming!”

Robert Kiyosaki, a closely followed name in the cryptocurrency market, put a possible end to the global dominance of the US dollar as the world reserve currency. Citing that the US dollar has lost great value for a long time, the name said in a broadcast on Youtube on March 21 that while referring to the possible end of the US sovereignty using Gresham’s law, it has been a ‘bully’ for a long time due to its position as the reserve currency.

The leading financial expert noted that the Gresham law, which says “bad money drives out good money”, is now in effect, and likening the US dollar to “toilet paper”, he offered gold, silver and Bitcoin (BTC) to investors in this bad period, and these assets were “good money”. ” he stated. However, finance expert Kiyosaki quoted the following words:

We are watching the end of the American empire and there is a law called Gresham’s law. There is a bad coin here, and we call it the US dollar. Today I call it toilet paper. Good money today; silver and gold. So Gresham’s law is in effect today. America has become a kind of “bully” as it has the world’s largest reserve currency.

On the other hand, referring to the growth in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India and China that prefer to trade in other currencies in his comments, Kiyosaki claimed that the world is tired of trading in dollars while supplying real goods to the United States. The words of the famous name are as follows:

They send toilet paper to people what the US has been doing for a long time and send us goods like wheat, grain oil, food, gold, silver for finished products, gold. All the people give America cheap or great goods in exchange for toilet paper, that’s the end of it.

Gold buff Peter Schiff warns of financial crisis: “It will be tougher than 2008!”

Economist and gold buff Peter Schiff shared his insights on the US economy this week in a series of tweets. “When the government introduced many new banking regulations after the 2008 financial crisis, we were assured that what is happening now will never happen again,” he said. The words of the famous name are as follows:

One reason we experienced the 2008 financial crisis was because of too much government regulation. So this crisis will only get worse. This time it’s different. When the 2008 financial crisis began, the dollar rose and gold fell. This time it’s the opposite. Because investors understand that the high inflation that should have hit ten years ago will hit even harder now!”

On the other hand, Schiff stated that the Fed’s monetary easing has returned. “Last week, the Fed’s balance sheet increased by $300 billion and wiped out 4 months of QT in one week. At the end of the month, the balance sheet may reach a new high. The rate hike doesn’t matter. Inflation is much higher thanks to bank bailouts,” the name’s comment came after the Fed and the US government announced measures to bail out Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, which failed last Sunday. Here are Peter Schiff’s words:

The Fed was fighting a two-pronged battle against inflation, rate hikes and tightening. The Fed has now turned the fire and is making aggressive monetary easing. If monetary tightening was designed to lower inflation, relaxation will raise it. Future rate increases are no longer meaningless, as any effects will be more than offset by monetary easing.

Schiff, whose reaction we have quoted to the Fed as Kriptokoin.com, has been warning for years and that the only way for the Fed to reach the 2 percent inflation target is if a financial crisis worse than 2008 continues its natural course without any bailout package for banks or their customers. It says to allow. However, referring to actions taken to bail out big banks, “The Fed chose bailouts and gave up the fight against inflation.” in his words.


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