Community Strengthening Proposal Made for Terra Classic


Developer Edward Kim, terra classicHe presented a proposal to further strengthen the community in the vote he initiated for his network.

As the crypto industry enters a remodeling process, it is noteworthy that several projects have focused on development activities. Especially terra classic restructured and gained community support. Different from the previous project, LUNC started to act more with the decisions of the community. In this context, one of the developers, Edward Kim, put the proposal to the vote for code changes to be approved by the community instead of an authority.

Terra Classic Developer Presents a Suggestion to Strengthen the Community

terra classic one of its developers, Edward Kim, turned to the code changes made by the developers. Kim stated that developers are stuck with a central authority in code changes. Who According to the proposal, code changes will be taken from the central authority and left to the decentralized validators. In this way, the community will have more dominance in project development.

If this offer passes, the classic repository will cease to be a standard repository and terraUpgrades to the network will be able to be controlled by the community. WhoAccording to , these upgrades will also bring competent developers to the project.

Whounderlined that currently developers do not have access to write code to the current canonical repository.


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