Compensation Lawsuit Filed Against Bitcoin Mining Company


bitcoinmining company Blockware SolutionsA lawsuit was filed by a customer on the grounds of breach of contract.

In the crypto industry, this year has been a year in which legal processes are at the forefront. The crypto bear market, initiated by the global economy and various factors, has hurt millions of investors. FTX in particular has led to the evaporation of billions of dollars of assets. difficult processes, bitcoinIt also dealt a blow to the mining side. bitcoin Many mining companies had to file bankruptcy. In the middle of all these processes bitcoinminer Blockware Solutions sued by a client. The customer, who filed a claim for compensation, 250 thousanddemands dollars.

Bitcoin Mining Company Blockware Solutions Faces Compensation Lawsuit

bitcoinmining equipment and hosting provider Blockware Solutionscontract by a customer violation, neglectand fraud sued for reasons. The customer, who filed a claim for compensation, from the company 250 thousanddemands dollars.

In the lawsuit, the company’s mining equipment 525 thousand dollars reportedly sold. Also, according to the case, blockware Third-party facilities accessed by did not produce reliable power. This has resulted in the company providing a rather poor service.

litigant Londonbased faes, blockwareHe claimed that . faesAccording to , the mining company did not provide confidence.

faes, blockware He stated that he experienced long-term interruptions and inoperability due to power deficiencies. Losing income due to this situation faes, the damage 250 thousand He said it was dollars. The company sued the mining equipment and hosting provider for this reason.


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