Copycat of Popular NFT Collection Arrested


Bored Ape Yacht Club ( BAIC) NFTimitating the collection 3 milliona dollar hoarder Aurelien Michelwas arrested.

Unique and blockchain-based visual richness NFT products are also on the radar of scammers. There was an increase in the number of frivolous collections and sales. Many scammers made millions of dollars by defrauding investors over the collections they copied. one of these Aurelian Michel, Bored Ape Yacht Clubimitating your collection 2.9 millionmade a dollar scam. Michel, new YorkHe was arrested in

Highlight from the Imitator of the BAYC NFT Collection!

Aurelien Michel, Bored Ape Yacht Club ( BAIC) by mimicking the NFT collection 2.9 millionsigned a dollar scam. BAICimitating your collection Mutant Ape Planetthe creator of Michel, new YorkHe was arrested in

national security agent Ivan J. Arvelo, “People who bought Mutant Ape Planet NFT products thought they were investing in a trendy new collection, but were deceived and did not receive any of the promised benefits.” said.

Internal Revenue Service agent Thomas Fattorusso, “Michel defrauded investors by making false statements about giveaways, staking-enabled tokens, and merchandise collections, among other things.” said.

In the midst of these accusations Micheladmitted to committing fraud. Michel, he said he did not intend to scam, but the community has become toxic.


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