Crazy for This Altcoin: Whales Sold PEPE, ETH and Bought It!


It came to the fore in the recent activity in the altcoin RLB. Because crypto enthusiasts and whales made significant moves and created great excitement. Here are the details…

RLB whales take action

Whales in the altcoin RLB attracted attention with their interesting movements. The most notable of these transactions was OpenDAO core participant 9x9x9, who traded 1.89 trillion PEPE for 1,233 ETH (about $2.19 million) on October 28, then made a profit of 381 ETH ($746,000) in just five days . Two days later, on October 30, he further strengthened his holdings by spending 1,230 ETH (about $2.22 million) to acquire 11.28 million RLB tokens at a price of $0.197. This notable acquisition by 9x9x9, whose presence is well known in the crypto space, has accelerated the growing interest in the RLB token. Their strategic moves in the market point to RLB’s growing appeal and potential.

Additionally, on November 1, a prominent RLB whale address sold 5 million RLB at an average price of $0.22, resulting in an exchange of 614 ETH. This sale, along with the addition of 4 million RLB tokens to Uniswap’s liquidity pool, contributed to the vibrant trading environment around RLB. Of particular interest is that SmartMoney, a crypto investor, previously purchased 23 million RLB tokens between July 5 and September 26, investing approximately $1.57 million at an average price of $0.068. SmartMoney has now established itself as the fourth largest RLB holder address and has seen total profits exceed $3.5 million.

Altcoin price increased

As if reflecting the enthusiasm around RLB, the token itself also witnessed an impressive 15% price increase today, reaching a new all-time high. The collective actions of these crypto whales have undoubtedly contributed to the excitement surrounding RLB in recent days. In addition to 9x9x9, other notable crypto investors have also made significant investments in RLB. For example, 0xeE8A spent 327 ETH (equivalent to $594,000) to purchase 2.92 million RLB tokens at $0.203. Another investor, 0xF07F, invested 400 ETH (about $726,000) to buy 3.45 million RLB at a price of $0.21. 0xAa0E invested 170 ETH (equivalent to $307,000) and 287,000 LUSD to purchase 2.64 million RLB tokens at $0.224.

These significant transactions by experienced crypto investors are an indication of the growing interest and capital flowing into the RLB market. As the altcoin continues to gain traction and reach new price highs, it remains an interesting space to watch for crypto enthusiasts and investors looking for opportunities in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape.


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