Crypto Company Auros Fails to Repay $7.5M Loan


crypto market maker auroras, crypto lending platform Maple Financereceived from 7.5 milliondefaulted on the dollar loan.

The harsh winter in the crypto market has made it difficult for many projects to move forward. Recently, bankruptcy and liquidity problems have become very common. Especially FTX ‘s bankruptcy brought hundreds of crypto companies into the painful processes. In the developing and adopted crypto industry, the reflections of crypto projects draw attention. Crypto market maker, one of them auroras filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. Immediately after this application, the company defaulted on the loan it received from Maple Finance.

Auros Defaults on Credit Withdrawn from Maple Finance Platform

crypto market maker auroraspulled from the unsecured lending platform 7.5 million defaulted on the dollar loan. The company could not make the regular payment of this loan.

Moreover auroras, Maple Financeon different based credits of $18 million failed to make the necessary payments of a debt. market maker, $10.8 millionmissed repayments after taking out a loan.

auroras, Maple Finance It is not the first company to default on a loan from . Moreover Orthogonal Trading He could not repay his loan. Crypto organizations are paying for these loan obligations they missed. FTXrelates to events.


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