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Crypto Exchange Bullish Cancels SPAC Agreement


crypto exchange bullish, Far Peak Acquisition ( FPAC) plans to go public by merging with SPACcanceled the deal.

Crypto exchanges are looking for new ways within the current crypto market conditions. of FTX At the time of his bankruptcy, pressure began to build on all crypto exchanges. The only public exchange coinbase , trying to resist current global economic conditions by reducing staff. On the other hand Binance is working hard to regain trust with its proof-of-reserve system. In the middle of all these processes, the crypto exchange bullish failed to complete its path to go public. Company, SPACcanceled the deal.

Crypto Exchange Bullish Drops IPO Plans

crypto exchange bullish, Junedaily average per month 857 million managed to reach a volume of $. The company, which stands out as a bull platform, has also strongly planned its new period steps. Exchangepublic offering through merger ( SPAC) had made the deal.

Bullish to fulfill the SPAC agreement Far Peak Acquisition went to merge with This agreement, which was made in July 2021, was canceled due to the recent processes.

bullishChairman and CEO Brendan Blumer, “Our quest to become a public company is taking longer than expected, but we respect the ongoing work of the SEC to create new digital asset frameworks and clarify industry-specific disclosure and accounting complexities.” said.


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