Crypto Wallet Users Hacked


Web3crypto wallet BitKeepusers of approx. 8 millionsuffered a hacking attack that resulted in the theft of $100 of client funds.

In the crypto industry hacking attacks are incessant. So far, billions of dollars hackingMillions of investors suffered in the events. Web3, DeFiand NFT side has been exposed to intense hacking events. Hackers, who take advantage of smart contracts and vulnerabilities in the code structure, carry out attacks at regular intervals. Finally, Web3crypto wallet BitKeep grievances occurred. Many BitKeepdue to hacking attacks 8 milliondollars lost.

Crypto Wallet BitKeep Addresses Hacked User Funds

based in Singapore Web3crypto wallet BitKeep, users of 8 million referred to the dollar hacking attack. Some users of the platform BitKeep‘s hacked APK announced that they have downloaded the version. It APKversion captured users’ wallet information and 8 millionseized the dollar asset.

Blockchainsecurity researcher PeckShield, twitter He shared information about the hacking attack. According to the security agency’s investigation, hackers stole four pieces of cryptocurrency. These, 4,373number BNB, 5.4 milliondollar USDT, 196 thousanddollar DAIand 1,233number ETHit happened.

Research, assets of the person behind the hack BNB Chain He pointed out that he carried it to . In the announcement made by BitKeep, BNB Chainabout BinanceIt was stated that a call was made to .


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