CryptoCom Appoints COO to President


Cryptocurrency exchange CryptoCom, the COO Eric Anzianipromoted him to the post of president.

The difficult processes experienced by the crypto industry have pushed many cryptocurrency exchanges to new action plans. Especially Coinbase In this process, it created a bomb effect on the agenda by laying off personnel. On the other hand FTX , suffered a great collapse as the architect of bad scenarios. The difficult processes experienced by the stock exchanges also affect the management side. Finally, the cryptocurrency exchange CryptoCom, as a new action plan COO‘this Eric AnzianiHe appointed him as president. Anziani, same time COOHe will continue to be.

CryptoCom Assigns Presidential Responsibility To Its COO

Popular cryptocurrency exchange CryptoComIn order to provide more efficient internal dynamics, COO‘this Eric AnzianiHe handed over the responsibility of the presidency to .

Anziani will manage a range of operations, including customer experience, onboarding processes and global payments. However, the new president will also focus on issues such as sales and international expansions. COOHe will continue his duty. Anzianito the crypto company 2018was included in.

CryptoComCEO Kris Marszalek, “Eric’s expanded role will enable him to fully see growth opportunities for the company and the ability to continue to build and innovate to position for continued success.” said.


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