Cryptocurrency Allegation in the Horrible Murder in Turkey!


Turkey continues to be the scene of murders and crimes revolving around cryptocurrencies. Crypto money details emerged in the murder of Russian astrologer Galina Trofimova, who lived in Istanbul and was found dead in the past weeks. On the other hand, a gang that defrauded an American person with cryptocurrencies up to 3 million dollars was caught in Istanbul. Here are the details…

Cryptocurrency claim in murder of Russian astrologer

Russian astrologer Galina Trofimova, 40-year-old mother of two, was found dead in her home in Istanbul Kağıthane in the past weeks. As a result of the investigations, it is thought that Trofimova’s “wizard” lover, Iranian Armin Asgari, was behind the murder. It turned out that Trofimova, who came to Istanbul about 8 months ago, met Armin minimum in the language course she attended to learn Turkish. Authorities continue to search for Asgari.

However, according to the new allegations regarding the incident, it is stated that Asgari lost their money as a result of crypto money investment and committed the murder in order to get Trofimova’s gold. Because, allegedly, Asgari invested in cryptocurrencies by borrowing money from around. As a result of the depreciation of cryptocurrencies, he could not pay his debts to his surroundings and resorted to such a terrible way. Asgari is now thought to have fled to Iran.

Authorities began work to bring him to Turkey. Moreover, a red notice is expected to be issued about Armin Asgari. According to the investigation of the Homicide Bureau, Armin Asgari strangled Trofimova, with whom he was arguing at night. It is reported that later, in the morning, he took the children out of the house by saying “we are going to breakfast”. Then Asgari disappeared, leaving the children in a hotel room. It turned out that the suspect went to Istanbul Airport shortly after leaving the hotel.

The perpetrators of the 3 million dollar strike are in Istanbul

According to another report, authorities caught a cryptocurrency gang in Istanbul. Through social media, American film producer Lori-Etta Taub fell victim to a $3 million scam. The producer was deceived by the lie of high interest. Then Taub came to Turkey last week and filed a fraud complaint with the prosecutor’s office. According to the petition, the person who communicated with him on social media was a US citizen living in Turkey. However, there were actually four people, one of whom was Nigerian, in the gang in question.

According to the petition, the person who contacted the producer said his name was Alex Quin, and then they started talking. This person introduced himself as an investment advisor. Then he started to guide Taub about investment. Stating that they talked about investment for three months, Taub was convinced by the promise of “making money with interest”. The producer, who sent money to the account numbers and crypto money wallets that he trusted this person, made a total of 3 million dollars in three months. As expected, he did not receive his principal or interest. As we always point out, every investor should make their investment in line with their own research. Otherwise, it’s easy to encounter scams.


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