CZ Explains Why Binance Is Fuded


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao ( CZ), twitterover BinanceHe explained why fud was made to .

Cryptocurrency exchange of FTXafter its bankruptcy, rival stock market Binance pretty much fud spread about. The two powerful exchanges of the crypto industry were in fierce competition. of FTXelimination, eyes turned to Binance. of FTXBinance’s moves in its collapse, in the proof-of-reserve system Binance Binance’s situation and legal processes created an intense agenda. After all these processes BinanceCEO CZ made statements about the fud made to the stock market. CZ addressed why they were targeted via Twitter.

CZ Addresses Fud on Binance via Twitter

BinanceCEO Changpeng Zhao ( CZ), which has recently increased Binancementioned his fuds. CZmainly put forward relations of interest.

item by item CZsuggested that some people who do fud hate centralization. CZ According to Binance, the largest centralized exchange, such people were targeted. However, the CEO of the company stated that he understands everyone’s voice and that such fuds are normal.

CZ, people who lose money also BinanceHe stated that he could blame . . and attack the stock market. Binance According to its CEO, there is literally no right or wrong to this situation. Fud is made with more financial loss.

CZ: Media Organizations Can Attack Us Too

BinanceCEO Changpeng Zhao ( CZ ), stated that cryptocurrencies are still at a level of 5 percent in mass adoption. This rate causes people to be skeptical of cryptocurrencies. CZ claimed that in this case, the views of the traditional media side are at the forefront.

According to CZ, media channels can spread Binance fud to eliminate competition or be bought by someone else.

On the other hand CZ also touched upon the views on the policy side and racism. CZ underlined that a racist approach can be made against Chinese-looking Canadians. However, Binance CEO stated that he does not care about such racist attacks. In the policy part, he also stated that the conservative side can spread fud. This was considered quite normal by CZ.

Also referring to the blockchain advancement of banks CZ, “I think the best way to keep banks safe from disruption is to let them adopt blockchain technologies as early as possible. Again, I could be wrong here.”said.


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