DCG Under Investigation into Subsidiary Genesis!


Digital Currency Group ( DCG), its sub-company that has had tough days GenesisHe is being investigated about money transfers between him and him.

FTXand terra The destruction caused by the events continues this year as well. Companies affected by the crypto crash are struggling with liquidity and resource issues. one of these Genesis had stopped the lending platform’s withdrawals. Then, in the developing process, the financial situation of the company had to spread to its parent company. Genesis‘s parent company DCGfell into legal processes. DCGAn investigation was launched against him by the US authorities.

Money Transfers Between DCG and Genesis Investigated

Digital Currency Group ( DCG) and its subsidiary Genesis were investigated. BloombergAccording to the news made by the US authorities, the company began to examine the internal financial activities.

Details of this investigation have not yet been made public. Therefore, those who do not want to be named, BloombergHe gave details about this news to .

federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, DCG and crypto lending platform Genesis. Also, according to sources, SECwas also included in this investigation.

However, on the other hand, no charges have been brought against the founder of the company and the company yet. In the statement made by the company, it was said;

DCG has a strong culture of integrity and has always conducted its business lawfully. We have no knowledge or reason to believe that there are any New York East District investigations into DCG.


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