Decentraland (MANA) is on the scene: It’s playing for the top!


Despite remaining in the background of the Metaverse industry, it puts forth an effective performance. Decentraland( MEANING) may have lit the fuse of the rise.

been silent for a long time metaversecoins, MEANINGIt came to mind with the rise of . BTCThe popular metaverse coin, which gained further momentum with the rise of ‘s price to $ 35,990, increased by 12.68 percent in the last 24 hours. Most A lot Ascendants ” ranked fifth on the list. Can MANA, which has experienced a further rise by overtaking dozens of coins, can continue this movement?

With the next breakout, both the sector and the coins may revive!

MANA, which is advancing step by step towards $0.4337, is facing a critical threshold. This level, which has worked as an effective support/resistance in the past processes, will play a major role in both MANA’s price structure and the course of the sector. The Metaverse space, which has almost completely fallen out of favor, may be waiting for a spark with the rise of related coins.

If MANA, which is currently traded at $0.4022, breaks $0.4337, its target levels will be $0.5015 – 0.56 and $0.62, respectively. Persistence above $0.62 could strengthen the buyers’ hand and start a Metaverse frenzy again. Issues such as failure to exceed $0.4337 or BTC pulling back to $30,000 will keep the MANA price at $0.3566 – 0.3230 and $0.2840 respectively.


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