Delighting Cryptocurrency Prediction from Binance CEO!


Binance CEO CZ renewed his positive predictions over Jim Cramer, who became a meme among the crypto community on Twitter. The former stockbroker has been attracting attention with his assertive statements for a while.

Anti-crypto Jim Cramer is on Binance CZ’s agenda

Binance CEO CZ addressed the community through Jim Cramer, known for his anti-crypto identity. Cramer predicted another weak year for the crypto market in his latest tweet, saying he wonders if people still believe it. cryptocoin.comIn this article, we have included the harsh statements he made a short time ago.

For those who don’t know, Jim Cramer has become a meme with ‘The Curse of Jim Cramer’; This means the opposite of most predictions. Recently, the crypto community took a contrary position on what Cramer had said about Litecoin. After that, the LTC price gained around 5%.

What does CZ say?

When the Jim Cramer Curse recurred, one of the commentators was Binance CEO CZ. In a tweet that featured a screenshot of Cramer’s tweets, CZ said, “In the end, we’ll all make it.”

Meanwhile, CZ said back in the day, “Did someone say I’m hot?” With this message, he activated the BNB price. BNB price gained more than 5% concurrently with CZ’s share. The CEO is talking about a token burn event that will likely appear soon. However, even with his message, he managed to have an impact on the BNB price.

Finally, as part of Binance’s 2023 vision framework, CZ; It included the titles of Training, Compliance and Product and Service. He also recommended ignoring crypto attacks and FUD news:

A number of crypto influencers like CZ also want to talk about Cramer

Popular crypto Twitter phenomenon Greg said that Cramer’s prediction of a bad year for crypto raised him, while others claimed the bottom had come. Before this prediction, Cramer said that he trusts Draftkings more than Binance for his money. Days later, Draftkings was hacked for $300,000.

Making false predictions in the stock and crypto markets, Cramer has become a meme among the crypto community, leading people to do the opposite of what they say all the time. Last year was a tough year for crypto, with many major firms crashing and the ongoing bear market. Therefore, as soon as the new year begins, several crypto experts have made predictions about what the situation might be for the industry in 2023. Recently, ETF and mutual fund manager VanEck made 11 crypto predictions for 2023. Forecasts cover a wide range of areas, including price development and more.


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