Dogecoin Community Disproves a Claim Made


Dogecoin ( DOGE) community, “At Dogecoin A vulnerability that could put billions of dollars at risk.”refuted his claim.

Dogecoin focused sharing and DOGE maximalist mishaboar referred to a recent report. In the report, dogecoinIt was stated that the crypto industry is facing billions of dollars in losses due to security vulnerabilities in several other cryptocurrencies.

dogecoinUnderlining that there is no problem on the mishaboar, “Instead of scare-mongering, encourage node operators to upgrade now.” said.

Dogecoin Community Responds to Allegations

Halborn Security, Dogecoin Core A security statement has been issued for From the community of the popular project “Your Friend”a user with a pseudonym, Halborn security refuted the report made by Anonymous user, vulnerabilities were discovered last year He argued that it was fixed with the 1.14.6 update.

Another maximalist mishaboar, there is no problem in the project, Halborn’sHe stated that the problems in the report have already been fixed. mishaboarMoreover, “It is highly recommended that you upgrade to 1.14.6 NOW if you are using an older version of Dogecoin Core.”shared the form.

Halborn Security has suggested that Litecoin and Zcash are also risky, with the exception of the popular meme token.


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