El Salvador Teach Its Kids Bitcoin


Middle Americacountry of Hand Salvadorcurricula in schools to increase adoption bitcoin(BTC) training also included.

The adoption and usage rates of the crypto industry continue to increase. In many countries, blockchain initiatives have also made significant progress in recent years. The decline in the crypto money market has not been able to prevent the increasing interest. On the other hand Hand Salvador, bitcoin It maintains its position as the country that supports the most. The Central American country has attracted reactions by being influenced by the crypto bear market. However Hand Salvador, bitcoin He doesn’t give up. Finally, the country bitcoinstarted teaching.

El Salvador Included Bitcoin In Its Education

Bitcoin ( BTC) that stands out with its maximalist El Salvador became the agenda again on the social media platform Twitter. In a video that went viral on Twitter, a teacher was seen teaching Bitcoin to the nation’s students.

bitcoinwho want more adoption of Hand Salvador began to increase its mass incentives. One of them came in the field of education. In the video, which went viral, the teacher’s teaching of Bitcoin to children was on the agenda. According to this video, the country aims to achieve greater adoption through education.

Video shared by BitcoinClip on Twitter

El Salvadoran teachers have started educating their students about Bitcoin as part of their 10-week curriculum. Teachers also teach children about the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Students are generally educated about what Bitcoin is, about halvings and their uses, and about network structures.

It is aimed to increase the education given to 10 thousand students this year by 25 times next year and to train more young people.


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