Electricity Provider Targets Crypto Mining


In British Columbia, the state-owned electricity provider will stop requests for new electricity connections from cryptocurrency miners.

Cryptocurrency miners are also going through tough times during the crypto winter. Many crypto mining companies have filed for bankruptcy, citing the FTX events. One of the largest crypto mining companies Compute North With its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it created a bombshell effect on the agenda. In the midst of all these developments, British Columbia The move came from a state-owned electricity service provider in . The electricity company has decided to stop requests for new electrical connections from cryptocurrency miners.

One Canadian Province Focused on Crypto Mining

located in the westernmost part of Canada British Columbia state draws attention with the steps taken in crypto mining. An electricity utility in the state has stopped its new electricity tethering service for crypto mining. Decision, 18 monthstaken to last.

British Columbia also outlined their rationale for their crypto mining operations. The state thinks suspension operations will prioritize clean energy and job creation.

Ministry status, approx. 570 thousandhome and 2.1 millionargued that it was equivalent to the energy required to power an electric car.

BC Hydro The state-owned electricity distributor will not serve new crypto miners. Served before the decision and pending approval 6 miningThe company will not be affected by this situation.


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