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Embattled Crypto Project Returns Empty From Deal


Crypto loan platform Nexo, the crypto credit institution with which it has started negotiations for potential acquisition vauldHe got up from his desk.

Adopted and expanding crypto- industry is witnessing developments within itself. Many companies are putting their hands in their pockets for new projects and new moves. one of these crypto-credit institution Nexo, last July vauldstarted negotiations with the company for the purpose of potential acquisition. Liquiditydistressed vauld, Nexo He welcomed the realization of the sale to . However Nexo, six months later vauldhas concluded potential purchase negotiations with

Crypto Lender Nexo Ends Talks With Vauld

crypto company Nexosuffering from liquidity problems vauld signed a potential acquisition agreement with This agreement 60 days offered a special case study opportunity. However, the company had to extend the due diligence period twice. According to the latest update, the two sides ended these talks and withdrew from the deal.

vauldCEO Darshan Bathijato the creditors of the company Nexo He said that negotiations with Communicating with creditors via e-mail CEO, “Unfortunately, our talks with Nexo did not bear fruit” said.

Among the reasons for the collapse of the agreement, vauld‘ was severely affected by all market conditions. Nexo, before ending the conversations vauld He stipulated twice. These conditions vauldIt did not materialize because it did not satisfy its creditors.


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