ENS Records Reach Record Level in 2022


Blockchain-based domain service provider Ethereum Name Services(ENS) closed the year 2022 with 2.2 million registrations.

According to ENS Domains, the increase in registrations is a result of the merger that Ethereum developers left behind. It was previously announced that there was an increase in the market volume, NFTs and transaction prices of ETH. Also, there was steady growth in monthly enrollment data. Thus, ENS managed to surpass an important milestone in 2022.

ENS Registrations Exceed 2.2 Million

In a Twitter post shared by ENS, it was reported that ENS users created 2.2 million different domains in 2022. At the same time, it was stated that these new addresses are 80 percent of those created so far.

Dune AnalyticsData from ENS shows that as of January 2, ENS has approximately 2.82 million registered names and 630 thousand 340 ENS domain owners.

The data shows that September saw the largest number of ENS records created last year, with 437K ENS domains registered. coinbaseIt is among the prominent details that the ENS integration of ‘s significantly affects the new registrations in 2022. EthereumMay 2022 was the most prolific month for ENS, as low gas fees on its network also played a role in the increase in “eth” domain name registrations.


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