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Ethereum Becomes the Most Traded Cryptocurrency in 2022


2022Ethereum ( ETH), with approximately 408 million transactions taking place on its network ( BTC) managed to outdo it.

The past year has been one of the toughest for cryptocurrencies. The effect of the bear trend and the massive collapse of cryptocurrencies led to a pessimistic year. However 2022 In the past year, adoption rates of cryptocurrencies have also increased significantly. Many countries have started to take steps towards cryptocurrencies. In the past turbulent year, the crypto project with the most transactions on its network Ethereumit happened. Ethereum, bitcoin‘ with four times more transaction rate.

Ethereum Hosts 1.1 Million Transactions in 2022

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency ETH) total 408.5 millionBitcoin by transaction volume ( BTC ) managed to pass. However, the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin did not lose its leadership and popularity in search volume.

According to data shared on Reddit, last year’s trading volumes EthereumThe wind blew. 408.5 millionwith processing ETH, 93.1 millionby transaction BTCfollowed.

As the chart shows, among millions of transactions, Bitcoin hasn’t made much progress. However, the leading cryptocurrency became the most talked about crypto in 2022.

Finally, in the daily amount of transactions on the networks ETH It took place at the level of 1.1 million. On the BTC side, 255 thousand transactions were carried out daily.


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