European Parliament’s NFT Move Shelved


The Qatargate bribery scandal that shook Brussels derailed the European Parliament’s legislative initiative regarding NFTs.

Former Vice-President of the European Parliament Eva Kaili A criminal complaint was filed against him and his arrest for allegedly taking bribes from Qatari officials. Parliament’s legislation on NFTs was subsequently withdrawn, according to the office of Dan Nica, an EP member who redistributed Kaili’s remaining files as he was removed from his political group.

European Parliament’s NFT Moves Failed

NFT policy of the European Parliament, MEP Eva Kailiafter being accused of corruption for allegedly taking bribes from Qatari officials.

The NFT move was intended to address a policy gap as NFTs were ultimately largely excluded from comprehensive Crypto Asset Markets (MiCA) regulation. It would encourage the European Commission to follow through with a legislative proposal.

One of the Parliament’s leading voices on crypto Kaili has a long history in the technology space since being elected to the AP in 2014. In 2016, he helped shape the first blockchain-related files. He was one of the drafters of the decentralized ledger technology pilot project to be launched in March. He also took an active role in discussions on other dossiers under the EU’s 2020 Digital Finance Package.


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