Exchanges Announced These Altcoins: There Is Delist Too!


Some exchanges serving for Bitcoin and altcoins have made various announcements recently. While some announcements are focused on “delisting”, some exchanges continue to announce new listings. Here are the details…

Huobi Global announces possibility to list Pi Network

Huobi Global announced that it is following the updates, and Huobi Global may list the Pi Network in the future. In a recent announcement by cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global, they said they are closely following the moves from this project with suggestions from the Pi Network community. Accordingly, it is said that Pi Network will develop into the main network in a short time. If the mainnet update is successful, Huobi Global will likely list the Pi Network shortly. Prior to this, there was a time when the Pi Network app disappeared from the Play Store.

Pi Network has been around for a long time, but everything is still in beta. People are discussing about the mechanism of mining on the phone with his daily participation. There is also a lot of online discussion about it and some still consider Pi Network to be a worthless project. So, if Pi Network’s mainnet launch is successful and Huobi Global lists Pi Network, that will be good news for “Pi gamers”.

Because for a project to be listed on exchanges, especially major exchanges, it will often need to go through an evaluation and verification process by the floor team. Therefore, the fact that Huobi Global will list Pi Network shows what the Pi Network team is developing. Of course, the fact that Huobi Global will list the Pi Network will not tell whether it is a project with high potential. Even this announcement by Huobi points to uncertainty about whether the coin will be listed in the future.

Deribit announced a delist for these altcoins

On the other hand, Deribit, the largest options exchange, announced that it will stop offering Solana INVERSE products. After the upcoming December 30, 2022 expiration date, Deribit will not list any new Solana options or futures. As we have also reported, Deribit launched Solana futures and options in the second quarter of this year. Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Deribit has announced that it will stop providing Solana coin-based investment products. Deribit will stop listing new SOL currency margin options or futures products after the expiration date on December 30, and will stop trading SOL perpetual futures contracts on the same day.

The remaining open positions will be closed at the SOL price for that day. Also, the USDC standard contract will not be affected. Deribit will not charge settlement fees for perpetual futures contracts. The above will not affect Solana/USDC perpetual futures trading.


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