Famous Investor Made Striking Statements for Bitcoin!


Investor and author Robert KiyosakiBitcoin (Bitcoin ( BTC) made a beautification.

The most discussed topic of the past year and the subject of curiosity in the new year was the commodity or securities situation in cryptocurrencies. In the cryptocurrency market, the need for regulation and regulation is increasing day by day. This also reflects the roles played by controllers in cryptocurrencies. SECand CFTC , favors the classification of cryptocurrencies before regulation. In this context, commodity and securities discussions may intensify in the new year. Famous investor and author Robert Kiyosaki, bitcoinfor commodityHe stated that he would buy more.

Robert Kiyosaki Defines Commodity for Bitcoin and Reiterates His Purchase

twittercalling out to his followers Robert Kiyosaki, Bitcoin ( BTC ) continued to flourish. Kiyosaki, who prepared a question-and-answer text for himself, also underlined that Bitcoin is a commodity.

Kiyosaki, bitcoin He reiterated that he has invested in and is excited about it. Justifying his investment Kiyosaki, bitcoinlike gold and silver commodity declared that. Moreover Kiyosaki, most other cryptocurrency projects securitiesas reflected.

KiyosakiAccording to SECThe regulation introduced by will crush most crypto projects and bitcoinIt will further increase the interest in .


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