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Famous Investor Thinks Solana Ecosystem Will Disintegrate!


Bitboy Cryptoknown as investor I ArmstrongSolana, in his post on Twitter ( LEFT) ecosystem will disintegrate.

The crypto bear season left behind 2022Cryptocurrency most affected by market conditions in the year LEFT it happened. In this case, especially wither The fact that the network was interrupted and stopped many times was an important factor. Coming out as a competitor to Ethereum and attracting great attention wither managed to reach a large audience in a very short time. In addition, the popular project made a show of strength to the market with the ecosystem it created. The faster and cheaper Solana network is now far from its former strength. In the midst of these processes, Bitboy Cryptoknown as investor I ArmstrongA striking statement came from

Ben Armstrong Expects a Mass Exit from the Solana Ecosystem

on social media Bitboy Cryptoknown as the investor I Armstrong, Solana ( LEFT) believes that more projects will leave its ecosystem.

Finally dust labs, withermost important network NFTtheir projects ( DeGodsand y00ts) Ethereumand polygon into their networks. In addition, many cryptocurrencies are working to transfer to different networks.

It was noteworthy that the project, which came out as a competitor to Ethereum, lost so much interest. crypto industry, LEFTHe began to think that its price and project network was a failure.

I Armstrong In a poll started by Twitter, Twitter users were asked if Solana was over. Users who participated in the survey 70 percentHe thinks ‘i Solana’ is over.

Armstrong also replied to another user. famous investor, “More NFTand the crypto project will leave Solana.” said.


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