Famous Market Maker Bought Delisted Altcoin


In the cryptocurrency world, the cryptocurrency named TokenFi, released by the altcoin Floki, has been on the agenda recently. The cryptocurrency, which was released under the abbreviation TOKEN, brought with it controversy. Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget delisted the token yesterday.

Altcoin TOKEN discussions continue

While the discussions were continuing, a long statement summarizing the process was made by the Floki team yesterday. In the statement made by the team, details were included for the altcoin TokenFi listing. Accordingly, it was emphasized that the exchange named Bitget was hasty in listing and sold fake tokens.

With the move in response to the stock market’s delisting, the cryptocurrency world wondered what the price would be for the altcoin TOKEN. As Kriptokoin.com, we included in the morning news, the TOKEN price has appreciated by over 80% today. The reason for the increase was inevitably wondered by everyone.

DWF Labs received a huge amount of TOKENS

As an important development today, the famous market maker DWF Labs made a move. Accordingly, he made a significant purchase for the altcoin TokenFi. It is noteworthy that the move came especially during the delisting process. It also justifies the statement made by the team.

DWFLabs is suddenly on the agenda with a significant amount of purchases. During the procurement process, the total amount has reached 120 million units. The numerical equivalent of the altcoin TOKEN purchased by the famous market maker is approximately 3.54 million dollars. These tokens were purchased using two networks. The market maker bought from both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain network.

Will the latest purchase end the TOKEN debate?

It will not be very difficult to answer this question. Because the market maker’s purchase of large amounts is also an indication of his positive perspective towards the project. At this point, the altcoin team’s statement satisfies the cryptocurrency world. This situation is also reflected in the price. The significant rise for the altcoin is welcomed in the cryptocurrency world.

This transaction demonstrates that DWFLabs is actively involved in managing and holding TOKEN tokens across multiple blockchain networks. It also hints at potential interest and activities related to the TOKEN project on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The exact purpose and strategy behind this token purchase is unclear. Accordingly, it will likely depend on DWFLabs’ broader goals and objectives in the cryptocurrency space. In addition, the cryptocurrencies held by the famous market maker will be monitored by the market.


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