Famous Name: Not DOGE, This Is The Only Altcoin That Will Do 100x!


The name behind a popular MMORPG game started the discussions with the prediction of “the only altcoin that will make 100x”. While some experts are completely against it, others think that the project has sufficient technology.

James Bull says this altcoin will do 100x

James Bull, founder of Starwalker MMO, says that QNT is the only one worth buying among the top 30 altcoins. However, in his current tweets, he stated that it is the only altcoin to make 100 times in the next three years. Bull also mentions that QNT is the project with the highest 100x chance of making all altcoins.

However, not everyone was of this opinion. Crypto analyst Miles Deutscher responded to the tweet, stating that he did not agree with Bull’s statement. Deutscher states that he generally hesitates to make firm statements in crypto. The crypto analyst also mentioned that if “QNT 100Xs”, the other top 30 cryptos have a high chance of growing 100x. In his own words:

The truth is, there may be new trends emerging – we don’t know what they are yet.

“Can be in the top 5”

Bull, on the other hand, supported his claim that reaching 100x would require other cryptos to make it into the top 5, which only QNT claimed could. The founder of Starwalker MMO also pointed out that the main problem with other altcoins is that they are very old and have poor technology. Bull’s tweet received mixed responses from the Twitter community. Some were of the opinion that during altcoin season, anything available on any exchange could do 100x. Few people also understood the usability and potential of QNT. He stated that the use of Quant puts him in the best position for 100x.

Quant Network is a decentralized Blockchain platform that provides interoperability without reducing the efficiency of the system. Quant’s Overledger network makes it possible to link blockchains together. Currently, Quant Network supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, EOS, IOTA, JP Morgan’s Quorum Blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric. cryptocoin.comWe have included more details about the project in this article.

From the incredible rise on December 12, Quant had fallen to a sluggish concentration per development activity. Historically, development activity has hardly affected its price. Therefore, a rise or fall in developments will likely have less impact on QNT going forward.

In terms of speed, Glassnode revealed that QNT units are having a hard time getting around its network. Therefore, there is a chance to confirm an excellent performance towards the first half of the year and next. However, QNT needs to improve on-chain transaction throughput.

In terms of price, QNT is currently trading at +7% from last week. Thanks to this momentum, it had the opportunity to break above $110 for the first time in December.


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