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Famous Names: These 6 Next Altcoins to Explode!


With current levels possibly bottoming out, many Twitter and YouTube analysts are busy finding altcoins to lead the next bull. The latest predictions about this have come from popular Youtube channels. In this article, let’s take a look at which altcoins are expecting to boom for Altcoin Daily and Coin Bureau analysts.

Here are the altcoins that analysts expect to explode

Altcoin Daily featured altcoins to consider as the year draws to a close in its new YouTube video of December 25. In the video, three crypto analysts talk about numerous topics such as Bitcoin price predictions and 2023 price predictions. However, the headline that stood out was the top 5 altcoins to watch out for in the new year. These altcoins were Algorand (ALGO), Arweave (AR), and Aave (AAVE). One of the analysts paid special attention to Cosmos (ATOM) and some projects in its ecosystem, such as Osmosis (OSMO).

What about ALGO, AR, AAVE, ATOM and OSMO prices?

ALGO has moved relatively sideways over the last 24 hours, trading at $0.1676. However, it is down around 5% from last week. Looking at the daily chart, we can say that it has continued its downtrend since November 8.

Analysts also chose Aave (AAVE), the decentralized finance protocol that allows people to lend and borrow crypto. Aave is among the top 50 altcoins by market cap. It is trading down 92% from its peak at $666.86 in May 2021.

Similarly, AR price is also moving sideways. The 110th cryptocurrency by market cap is currently trading at $6.53. It was slightly lower than last week. Since the AR price made an independent rally in November, it has continued its downward trend with the overall market.

ATOM was the only green project on the list. It’s currently up around 4% over the last 24 hours. OSMO, on the other hand, has moved sideways for the past 24 hours. Coin Bureau analysts, another Youtube channel, point to some positive signals about Cardano alongside these 5 altcoins.

Coin Bureau gives vague signals about Cardano

cryptocoin.com As you follow, Cardano was one of the prominent altcoin projects after FTX’s bankruptcy. At the time of writing, it is trading at #9 by market cap. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that Dogecoin has outstripped Cardano. In terms of long-term forecasts, Coin Bureau analysts showed an optimistic outlook on Cardano. Analyst Turner expressed mixed feelings about the ADA project:

I love Cardano, but I have weird thoughts about it: One day I’m optimistic and the next day I start questioning it. I think this was partly because of its large community.


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