Famous Whale MicroStrategy Changes Bitcoin Strategy


Software developer MicroStrategy is preparing to take a new approach to reporting Bitcoin (BTC) holdings. There is a recent decision made by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). MicroStrategy plans to revamp its quarterly reports to provide more transparency regarding its Bitcoin holdings.

Increased financial transparency for Bitcoin

This financial reporting reform allows businesses like MicroStrategy to declare the fair value of their Bitcoin holdings each quarter without having to disclose impairment losses, even if the price of the cryptocurrency drops in that period.

It is important to disclose impairment losses, which is a standard financial reporting requirement. It requires a company to recognize and disclose significant declines in the value of its assets, typically when market values ​​fall below their carrying values. This is very important for the transparency of Microstrategy investing in Bitcoin. It also ensures that stakeholders receive an accurate representation of asset values.

A game-changing development

In particular, respected investment bank Berenberg highlighted the importance of this event as it has the potential to reshape the way companies like MicroStrategy manage significant Bitcoin holdings. This change will provide investors with a more accurate financial picture. It also ultimately provides a clearer understanding of asset valuation. Accordingly, it is expected that it will benefit the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.

Currently, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are categorized as intangible assets. On the other hand, this leads to conservative accounting practices that can negatively impact company earnings during periods of decline in crypto prices.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin journey

MicroStrategy made headlines in August 2020 by allocating a significant portion of its treasury assets to Bitcoin. This move demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation. It also reveals its vulnerability to the highly volatile crypto market.

Since adopting this strategy, MicroStrategy has been making strides. Accordingly, it reported a total cumulative impairment loss of $2.23 billion, with the largest loss of $917.8 million recorded in the second quarter of 2022. These significant losses attract a lot of media attention as Bitcoin crashes. On the other hand, it creates the impression that the fundamental value of the company is significantly affected.

Official approval and timeline

The Financial Accounting Standards Board has stepped in. It just voted on these new rules that allow companies to use fair value accounting. In this way, companies will be able to immediately reflect their gains and losses in their income statements. Official approval of these updated standards is expected later this year. But companies have the option to adopt them sooner. MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor welcomes this rule update. On the other hand, when we look at it as cryptokoin.com, it states that “Bitcoin has eliminated a major obstacle to the adoption of BTC by companies as a treasury asset.”

This change plays a significant role in encouraging cryptocurrency adoption in the corporate sector. Official implementation of these new rules is planned for 2025. However, Bitcoin investor MicroStrategy is stepping in early. Demonstrates commitment to complying with and reaping the benefits of the latest accounting standards. It also aims to adopt them sooner.


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