Fiji Elected Pro-Bitcoin Prime Minister!


Island country Fiji, Bitcoin ( BTC) pro Sitiveni Rabukato Prime ministerchose as.

Cryptocurrencies have become familiar to every person’s ears globally. seen as an investment tool in developed countries. bitcoin started to be seen as a hedge against inflation in small and developing countries. In addition, blockchain technology has become a medium that countries care about. In a day, Turkey the central bank ‘s statements about Digital TL drew attention. On the other hand Europe union , enters the last flat for the digital euro. In the midst of all these processes, the Bitcoin maximalist sitiveni Rabukkah, Fiji Prime Ministerit happened.

The New Prime Minister is Strongly Pro-Bitcoin!

Tongannobleman and TonganLord, a former member of parliament fusitu, the news from the neighboring country is positive welcomed . fusitu, FijiPrime Minister sitiveni Rabukkah He announced that he had spoken to In this meeting fusitu, RabukkahHe told . how he can make Bitcoin legal tender.

Tongannobleman, Fijifor the Prime Minister bitcoinHe said he thought he was a pro. fusitu, “Since last year, he has wanted to talk to me about how he can adopt our Bitcoin legal tender, which we did via zoom to guide him step-by-step.” said.

Also another small country Tongan, bitcoin It is preparing for the new year to be recognized as a legal payment instrument. new in Fiji bitcoin will take action with the pro-Prime Minister. An increase in Bitcoin’s financial inclusion and adoption in Fiji is predicted. Moreover Fijion volcanic islands bitcoinYou can also try mining.

focused on development Fiji, bitcointhe curtain began to part on his side.


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