Former ARK Invest Crypto Manager Gives Support for Solana


investment company ARK InvestFormer crypto manager Chris Burniske, twittervia Solana ( LEFT) supported.

In the turbulent period of the crypto industry, witherWhat happened on the other side was a busy agenda. wither attracted attention with the losses in its ecosystem and its price-based decline. Many investors LEFTas well as the price terra He began to talk about how he would experience a collapse. Especially FTXhit hard by the collapse of witherFor this reason, those who think that the current process is fud air are at a considerable level. Ethereumfounder Vitalic Buterine has stated that he is hopeful about the popular crypto project. Finally ARK InvestFormer crypto manager Chris Burniskealso supported the popular project.

Chris Burniske: Solana Wishes I’d Buy Fud’ers for $10!

Chris Burniske, former crypto manager of ARK Invest, made statements on Twitter after the fuds spread about Solana. Burniske, wither He pointed out that those who hate . Also famous investor, when the popular cryptocurrency recovers fudI wish those who spread from $10He stated that they would say if he had taken it.

Burniske, wither He also gave a few explanations about why he loved . According to the investor, the popular crypto project has an ecosystem of devotees. These devotees are determined and excited builders. same thought, Vitalic Buterinealso shared.

Burniske, witherfounder Anatoly Yakovenko He argued that the company is different from the founders of other projects. Highlighting Yakovenko’s pragmatic personality Burniskestated that the network offers a more productive future.

Finally Burniskebelieves that the popular crypto project is currently going through complex times and will continue to improve and continue.


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