Former Inmate Advice to SBF


An ex-con, ex-CEO of bankrupt FTX Sam Bankman-FriedHe gave advice to (SBF) about prison.

Former criminal also known as Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli seems to have turned the issue of giving unsolicited advice about prison to the bad boys of the crypto industry a hobby. Shkreli suggested prison to Terra/LUNA founder Do Kwon, who crashed last month on The UpOnlyTV podcast. Now he said what the SBF on the agenda should do.

Former Inmate Makes Prison Advice to SBF

Martin Shkreli, who spent nearly four years behind bars in 2018-2022 for securities fraud, advised the former FTX executive, who is now released on bail.

Shkreli noted that in addition to getting a haircut and deepening his voice, the SBF needed to make friends quickly and immerse himself in the culture of the prison system.

former prison inmate, unchainedSpeaking on the December 23 episode of the crypto podcast , he suggested that the SBF should rebrand itself for prison because being a rich white kid from a good neighborhood doesn’t sound good.

He also says, “He doesn’t know anything about the streets and the criminal culture, my advice is to learn them as quickly as possible, listen to as much rap music as possible, try everything there is to know about gangs. It sounds funny, but it could save your life,” he added.


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