French Investors Sued Binance


crypto exchange Binance Franceand its parent company Binance Holdings Limitedwas sued for misleading commercial practices and fraudulent concealment.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance became the focus of global criticism and allegations. The second largest crypto exchange in the world of FTX crashing turned the arrows towards Binance. Approximately 15 billionThe stock market, which stands out with its daily volume of $, fud spends a lot of time on the wave. Recently BinanceCEO Changpeng Zhao ( CZ ), explained to Binance why it was fud. Finally a group Frenchinvestor, Binance Franceand Binance Holdings LimitedHe sued.

Binance Sued By French Investors

FranceA 15-member investor group in . Binance He sued. At the center of the case, the parent company Binance Holdings Limitedand the stock market Francearm is included.

Plaintiffs before obtaining a license Binance He claimed that his side was advertising crypto services. According to French investors, this is a violation of the country’s laws. the country’s financial regulator, 2022of the year MayIt was licensed to the stock market.

The main subject of the complaint to the court, Binance Francea named Telegram channel activities. According to the plaintiffs, Binance France The Telegram channel took part in social media events with advertisements and promotions. In addition, investors who complained, terrain crisis 2.4 millionThey said they lost the euro.

Binance Franceside denied the accusations and stated that it always includes risk warnings for crypto products.


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