FTX Attempts to Undo Past Political Contributions


Bankrupt and restructured FTXin the past, the company and Sam Bankman-FriedHe is trying to get back the political donations made by .

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX is trying to restructure after its collapse and bankruptcy. A new court CEO the appointed company is working hard to fix what has been done in the past. About the company 1 millionmany users, 10 to 50 billion It is estimated that he has a debt of between New that prioritizes returning client funds CEO , trying to find the required resource. In this context FTXdemands the return of political donations made in the past.

FTX Is Working Hard To Reclaim Political Donations

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX continues its legal struggle as a process of restructuring. The company legally enforces the return of political donations made in the past.

the other day, FTX An announcement was published by In this announcement, FTX It was requested that a section called debtors carry out the return process voluntarily. The company stated that it will take legal action against those who do not voluntarily return.

FTX Among its debtors are political donations. In the past weeks, three names from the Democratic Party 1 million They said they would do a refund. Also, the Biden administration 5.2 millionIt is expected that the donation will be refunded.

According to legal experts, FTXpolitical donations 73 millionfinds the dollar.


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