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FTX Japan Delivers the Good News to Its Customers!


Arm of bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX FTX Japancustomer assets FebruaryHe said he would start refunding in the middle of the month.

The volatility continues in the crypto industry. The continuation of the bear trend in the crypto money market brought along difficult processes for many crypto projects. On the other hand FTX continues to struggle with legal processes and bankruptcy processes. The collapse of the stock market brought millions of creditors with it. Finally, the country arm of FTX FTX Japan, made a statement on customer returns.

FTX Japan Marks February for Customer Returns

FTX Japan, in a statement on its website, customer returns February He said it will start in May. The country unit of the exchange has set a timeline for refunds regardless of the overall stock market reaction.

bankrupt after a sensational collapse FTXworld’s wealthiest 50to the customer 3.1 billion facing a dollar debt. Former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried‘s questioning, the new CEO’s bankruptcy recovery moves took place on the agenda.

On the other hand FTX Japan addressed its customers through the website of Liquid Japan, which it acquired. J of the stock market aponiaHis arm stated that they are working on systems that will allow customers to withdraw their assets.

According to the statement, customers Januaryonce a month Liquid Japan required to open membership. Afterwards, customers who provide balance checks will be able to make withdrawals as early as mid-February.


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