Future Forecast for Bitcoin from Binance CEO!


As we reported as Kriptokoin.com, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has managed to exceed the critical level of $ 28 thousand in the past days. However, although the market rose, BTC could not hold at the level of 28 thousand dollars. However, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of the giant cryptocurrency exchange Binance, made a price prediction for the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC)! Here are the details…

Critical price prediction for Bitcoin came from Binance CEO CZ!

With the price of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin falling below the $28,000 level, CZ made statements on Twitter. Comparing the historical price levels of Bitcoin (BTC) in his statements on Twitter, CZ stated that it made 100x in four-year intervals from $ 0 for BTC, which was released in 2009, and that it rose to the level of 34 thousand dollars by the end of 2021.

Explaining this as a historical cycle in his posts on Twitter, the name emphasizes that the price of Bitcoin (BTC) makes “100x” every four years and states that he adds a double zero every four years. On the other hand, Changpeng Zhao also states that his statements are not guesses. As you know, the cryptocurrency market is always open to anything. Binance CEO, CZ, is aware of this situation and states that he cannot predict the future and that his statements are just a rhetoric.

On the other hand, CZ, who also commented on other competitors in the market, made the following comments about ETH and BNB:

ETH has outstripped BTC in percentage growth since it came out. With BNB’s debut, BNB surpassed both in percentage growth. But its market cap is still smaller than “grandfather” BTC.

What do analysts think for BTC?

For Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market, many investors have been waiting for a boom for a long time. Some experts point to the halving event for this, while others believe that it will rise soon. Replying to Binance CEO CZ on Twitter, @AltcoinGlitz, a crypto money analyst with 30 thousand followers, pointed out that this is not an investment advice, and thinks that it “has a good history and will show a good price performance” in the near future. Here are the words of the analyst:

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has gained 0.7 percent in the last seven days. The leading crypto, which stands out with an instant market value of $ 534 billion, is trading at $ 27,675.28.

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