GMX Investor Exposed to Phishing Scam


A GMXinvestor has been exposed to phishing scams for approx. 3 and a halflost millions of dollars in assets.

The hacking and phishing scams of the crypto industry are unstoppable. Last year, about 3 billion A dollar asset evaporated in the light of bad actors. Actors who take advantage of the vulnerabilities of decentralized network structures leave thousands of investors a victim. Finally, an anonymous investor was exposed to a phishing scam. 3.4 milliondollar GMX lost his token. The records confirmed that the investor lost this asset through his own fault.

GMX Investor Stole $3.5 Million GMX Token

An anonymous DeFi user, as a result of a phishing attack 3.5 milliondollar GMXlost his token.

Decentralized crypto exchange and trading protocol GMX‘s native token GMX Anonymous user with investment in , possibly tricked into consenting to a malicious transaction. From the wallet of the user who signed the required signature, GMXtokens were stolen.

lookonchainAccording to the records unearthed by the GMX The investor’s wallet was emptied. Phishing scammer stealing 82,519number GMXi to Ethereum ( ETH ) turned. Then this ETHHe tried to erase his trace by moving the ‘s to other protocols.

GMX‘of telegramAn admin in the group confirmed this phishing incident.


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